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Create a sense of space and place with SiteLights, a daisy-chaining light system that provides warm and highly functional overhead light at your site. For use with the BioLite PowerLight or BaseLantern, these dimmable SiteLights come 2 per set and each light emits 150 lumens and contains 10 feet of cord. The set packs down easily into a compact protective sphere with effortless cord management.


  • 2x dimmable 150 lumens per light
  • Overhead lighting with 3m effective range
  • Use with BioLite lanterns, or any USB power bank
  • Weight: 1.83 oz

300 Total Lumens:
Create a sense of space and place

SiteLight Hub:

  • Connect SiteLight Daisy Chains for full NanoGrid lighting system

  • 10 Foot Reach:
    10 Foot cord per SiteLight. Fully contained with easy wrapping management system

  • Directable and Dimmable:
    Angle lights as needed and dim to desired levels via PowerLight hub

  • Chaining System:
    Connect up to 4 SiteLights for 40ft of overhead off-grid lighting

  • Compact Magentic Storage:
    Units click together for protective orb storage
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