Campfire Talk


February 2022

We're pleased to announce that our store expansion is complete. Over the past few years, our customer base expanded a great deal as people rediscovered the joy of the great outdoors. We started to outgrow our original space. After months of planning, renovation and hard work, our newly expanded space is new fully stocked!

As you approach the store, you'll see the difference right away. We now have more window space to showcase product and an additional entrance. The new space is in the adjacent building – we created a doorway between the two buildings to create two showrooms, instead of one.

You're in for an entirely new shopping experience. The main area has been reconfigured to take advantage of the extra space to make for more open space to browse. You'll be better able to focus on what we have to offer and more space to move around in.

Our camping section now has the space it deserves! Our camping inventory and offerings have grown over the years, as camping as increased in popularity. You'll find everything you need for your next camping trip. From the basics like backpacks and cooking equipment to the latest gadgets like our Biolite.

The expansion has given us the space to carry more of the products you love. Our footwear is now triple the size it once was and has a much wider selection. Shop footwear for the entire family! It's fully stocked.

We're also going to be adding new brands to our line up. Stay tuned as new product comes in this Spring for who we're adding. We have also added our own line merchandise! That's right, you can now buy hats and apparel with the Easton Outdoor Company logo. This merchandise is only available here at Easton Outdoor!

We have also grown our team to better serve you. Our knowledgeable staff loves the outdoors and is happy to help you find what you're looking for and answer any questions. We're also always open online! Browse and shop our inventory on our website. You can even order for store pick up. We open Tuesday – Sunday.

So please stop by to explore the new space!


October 2021

No one likes it when retailers start pushing holiday shopping too early. People like to enjoy the holiday season at the appropriate time. Its a special time of year - from spending time with family to making new memories. As you may have noticed, Amazon kicked off Black Friday deals in early October. Other retailers have also started pushing holiday sales. Burt's Bees is already running Christmas TV commercials.

Why is this happening? Both supply chain issues and inflation are playing a role. While that could be an entire blog post on its own, we're going to focus on why shopping early isn't a bad thing.

1. Get what you want. 40% of container ships trying to enter US ports are delayed. That means inventory at retailers is going to be lower than normal. Inventory they planned on having in store by now for the holiday season is severely delayed. You're probably already noticing this at the grocery store and some retailers. To ensure you have a good selection – shop early.

2. There may be less sales. If retailers have less to sell, they're not going to have crazy sales to move inventory. They have the advantage, because people have to buy gifts. So instead of waiting for the sales, shop now.

3. Save time. If you start shopping now, you'll have more time to enjoy all the Holiday activities, like attending parties, ice skating and visits with family. There will be a lot less stress. You can still get in the Christmas spirit by waiting until December to wrap your gifts. Get some hot cocoa, put on some holiday tunes and have some fun!

4. Avoid the crowds and shopping mayhem. Everyone has a shorter fuse nowadays. We're all stressed out and weary from another tough year. You better believe the mall is going to look ugly in December, with frustrated shoppers trying to find the perfect gift. If you get it done early, you'll have more free time and less stress down the road.

5. Shop brick and mortar. Part of the supply chain problem is the lack of truck drivers. This means shipping will most certainly be backed up and delayed this year. In 2019 and 2020 there were some major delays and this year is most certainly going to be worse. So if you usually do all your shopping online a few weeks before the holidays, you may want a new strategy. Save money on shipping and avoid the stress of tracking packages. Go the old fashioned route and visit brick and mortar stores. Enjoy exploring and getting out an about. Make a day of it with a friend. Plus you'd be supporting a locally owned store. While the big box stores have done well through the past year and half, the little stores have suffered. Shop local and make a difference.

You can rest assured that Easton Outdoor Company is fully stocked for the holidays. We carry everything from camping and hiking gear, footwear, hats, gloves, scarves, stylish shirts and tops, back packs, hammocks and more! We truly have something for everybody - whether they are an outdoors enthusiast or not. We carry the top brands: Northface, Deuter, Mammut, Osprey, Salomon, Patagonia, Vasque, Marmot, Royal Robbins and more! And of course we sell gift cards.

Hope to see you soon!


September 2021

It's that time of year again - cool and crisp days, festivals, Halloween and all things Autumnal. We'll take a look at all of the fun things going on outdoors in Easton. Be sure to stop in Easton Outdoor when you're downtown enjoying all Autumn in Easton has to offer!

Garlic Fest
This festival is back and the stink is still going strong. Get ready, because its this weekend! This festival has something for the entire family. Little Stinkers Row© has plenty of fun things to do for the kids. They have a culinary cooking contest for the kids, which is always fun. In addition to both local and regional food vendors, there is live music, cooking demos and all around fun! Tip: Aman's will be serving up Garlic Masal Fries with Jalapenõ Chutney at their booth.

Bacon Fest
This is downtown Easton's biggest yearly event. Its kind of like the mardi gras of Bacon! It takes place November 6th and 7th of this year. The amount of food options will blow your mind and delight your taste buds. Its a chance to see downtown's restaurants try to out do each other with their creative bacon offerings. In addition, enjoy live music, kids activities and so much more! The big quesion - Will Oak return with their 50/50 burger? This was the most popular item at 2019 Bacon Fest.

Eerie Easton Walking Tours
The Sigal Museum will help get you in the Halloween spirit! Every Friday and Saturday night in October they will host night time tours of downtown Easton, highlighting the more spooky history of Easton. Learn about the witches of Hexenkopf hill and Revolutionary war ghosts. $10 per person and the tours take place at 6pm and 7:30pm.

Easton/Phillipsburg Halloween Parade
This event is a community favorite. It takes place on Sunday, Oct 24th at 3pm. It starts on McKeen Street in Phillipsburg and ends in Centre Square. This is fun for the entire family. Be sure to work on your costume - there is a $100 prize awarded to the winner in 6 categories.

The Autumn Show
Every year, Autumn delights us with an array of colors. Easton provides access to so much nature. Talk a stroll on the Karl Stirner Arts trail to check out the art and the fall foliage. You'll end up at the Silk Mill, so stop by OWowCow creamery to get some pumpkin spiced ice cream. If you want to go for a longer walk try the canal trail. Take in the color, enjoy the peaceful river flowing and get away from it all.


August 2021

The Poconos is just a quick drive north of the Lehigh Valley and its loaded with great outdoor spaces. This blog post will explore some of those, so you can plan your next outdoor adventure!

Big Pocono State Park
Located on Camelback Mountain, this park has a lot to offer. When you park at the top of the mountain, get ready for 360º of amazing views. It really is extraordinary, especially in the autumn. From there several foot trails go off in different directions. Lower down the mountain a vast maze of mountain biking trails offers a days worth of riding fun. There are also picnic areas throughout the park with grills.

Columcille Megalith Park
This park is like no other. Its a vast collection of rock outcroppings and winding trails, deep in the woods of the Appalachian Mountains. This park is based in Celtic Spirituality and is inspired by the Scottish Isle of Iona. You'll marvel at the rock outcroppings (a lot of great photo opps) This is truly a place to go to "get away from it all"

Bushkill Falls
This expansive park lets you navigate the beauty of the falls. Come ready to really do some hiking as much of trails are uphill. The water is the main attraction here. From gently flowing streams to massive waterfalls, this park has it all. Its been proven spending time in the woods is restoritive mentally and physically. And the water element to that and it really is a great place to go to get back to nature. Plan you trip around busy tourist weekends to avoid the crowds.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
This massive park has it all. Beautiful views, waterfalls, trails for both intense hiking and for just a stroll in the woods. It great for fishing, hiking, camping, bicyicling and boating. There are over 100 miles of hiking trails, three swim beachs and areas for grilling. They also have events from time to time. A bonus is the quaint town of Delaware Water Gap.

While you're in the Poconos there are plenty of other things to check out. Stop by The Crossings Outlets for your shopping fix. Stroll Main Street in Stroudsburg to check out the shops and downtown. Also the Poconos has a wide array of restuarants. Check out Barley Creek Brewing Company (near Big Pocono State Park) or Desaki for a fun night out.


July 2021

Hiking is a simple yet very beneficial outdoor activity. Living in the great state of Pennsylvania provides one with a wide selection of places to hike. In particular the Poconos is a great place to start. From the trails on Camelback Mountain to Columcille Megalith Park you'll find many free places to hike. Lets look at all the benefits:

Hiking makes for a good low impact cardio workout. This helps keep your blood flowing and your heart healthy. It also improves bone density because its a weight bearing workout. You also tone and build muscle in your leg muscles and hips. As you negotiate the terrain, you'll improve your balance. And most of us can stand to lose a few pounds. Hiking helps burn calories and keep your weight down.

Its proven that walking in nature does wonders for your mind. Getting away from technology and the cacophony of everyday life is paramount. Hiking couldn't be better than this. You get a literal change of scenery as you hike and explore a new place. Your mind is working on dealing with the terrain and taking it all in. You're mildly engaged in deciding which way to go and how to do it, so it takes your mind of the day to day worries.

Being surrounded by nature gives on all sorts of things to observe and take in. Domenico Ghirlandaio, Michelangelo's mentor and teacher had a quote up on the wall in their studio: "Nature is the most perfect guide" He was referring to nature being a guide to them as artists. The patterns, colors, and shapes are just perfect. They're artwork in themselves!

To take the mental relaxation a step further, try sketching what you see. You don't need to be an artist to try this. Just do it for fun. As you take a closer look at nature as you sketch, your mind is in a totally different mode from your day to day thoughts. Your sketches will serve as a visual journal of your hike.

Journaling is a great thing to do on your hike as well. You'll need to take a rest at some point. Whip out the journal and write about anything - your hike, your problems and worries, your next great idea ... whatever it is take advantage of the clarity you have on your hike to get your thoughts out.

Depending on where you're hiking, you may need some gear. No matter where you're hiking you'll need a good pair of hiking boots. This will keep you sure footed. You'll also need some basics like snacks and something to drink.

If you're going on a more involved hike be certain to have a first aid kit with you and that your phone is fully charged before heading out. That being said, be sure to take plenty of pictures to capture the moment, but don't get sucked into looking at your phone. You can post on social later. Stay in the moment!

If you work some climbing into your hike, we're got the gear for that too! Check out our extensive assortment of climbing gear. Just be careful!

You can turn your hike into a camping trip to take things to the next level. We have everything you need for a stellar campsite - tents, sleeping cushions, solar chargers, hammocks and more.

So hike on over to Easton Outdoor Company to get everything you need for your next trek.


June 2021

Sunglasses are a great way to both look cool and protect your eyes. There are more options for sunglasses than ever before. The market has expanded to include every type of look and style. In addition, some sunglasses are better equipped than others.

Most sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays. But, Have you heard of polarized lenses? They have a built in laminated filter. This filer blocks the intense sun rays. It also reduces the effects of glare and reflection. This makes for clearer vision, especially during hours of bright light. In addition polarized lenses increase the contrast of what you see, keeping colors true to form. And of course it leads to reduced eyestrain. They also reduced UVA and UVB rays. UV rays can damage the eyes and can lead to cataracts. "Blue light" in the solar spectrum can possibly cause macular degeneration. Be sure to consult with your eye doctor for the all the details about how the sun's rays effect the eyes.

What is the differene between UVA rays and UVB rays? UVA has a much longer wavelength, while UVB is shorter. 95% of the suns rays are UVA. Too much can cause sunburn, wrinkles and worse. UVB makes up 5% of the suns rays. One of the big differences is that UVA can penetrate windows and clouds.

Having a good pair of sunglasses will make for a more enjoyable summer! They're essential when driving on a sunny day. And of course they come in handy when on the beach. Pro tip: Get a lanyard for your sunglasses when you're on the beach. From breaking the waves to volleyball, there are plenty of opportunities to lose your sunglasses. And if they come off in the ocean, no way you're finding them.

On that note, there are some things to consider when buying a pair of sunglasses. Look for a no slip grip coating. This will help keep your sunglasses in place, and you looking good, in hot conditions when you're sweating. Also look for a sturdy pair that won't bounce when you're active.

At Easton Outdoor Company, we carry a wide assortment of sunglasses. We have something for everyone. From basic to super stylish. One of our most popular brands is Goodr. We also carry Rheos. They have nylon optics that are as clear as glass, they’re lightweight and they float. They come in many frame styles and sizes and all retail for $55.

So now you have no excuse not to look cool! Swing into Easton Outdoor Company today to try on a few pairs. Stay cool...


May 2021

If you've been holding off on stocking up on your summer wardrobe, now is a great time to start! From Friday May 28th through Sunday May 30, we're running our Memorial Day Weekend Sale. All weekend long, get 20% off any non-clearance, Spring & Summer product! That means the newest merchandise, apparel, and gear from all the best brands we carry are on sale. The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, Tentree, Teva, Goodr, Hydroflask - all your favorite brands for 20% off!

It looks like we're in for a bit of a rainy weekend, so spend some time shopping our MDW Sale with us! In Easton, the Memorial Day Tribute takes place Monday at 10am. Here are the details from

Brown & Lynch American Legion Post No. 9 will render honors at the Easton Cemetery GAR plot, 401 N. Seventh St., to include a prayer, firing of a 21-gun salute, and TAPS. At 11:15 a.m., the Easton Memorial Day Council will conduct services on the Northampton Street Bridge, starting with the Phillipsburg High School Band playing the National Anthem. A detail from the Brown & Lynch American Legion Post No. 9 will then fire from the south side of the bridge, followed by TAPS from a Phillipsburg High School Band bugler.

Honor guard and Color Guard units from Phillipsburg and Easton veterans service organizations will be the only personnel allowed on the bridge at this time. In observance of those lost at sea and others who made the ultimate sacrifice, a memorial wreath will be tossed from the bridge into the Delaware River. Services will continue at Riverside Park with speakers and additional honors.

You can find more holiday events at

Most importantly, we remember and honor all the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Enjoy your weekend and we hope to see you downtown soon!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them."


April 2021

We’re Hiring!
We’re excited to announce that we are hiring! We’re looking for a part-time retail associate to join our team. Hours will be up to 20 hours a week to start, with an option to increase those hours up to 30 per week by this Fall. Retail experience and outdoor product experience is a plus, but not necessary. If you’re reliable, professionally-minded and will put customer service first, email Feel free to spread the word to anyone who may be a good fit!

New Spring Inventory & Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th! Luckily, we just got a ton of new inventory that would be great gifts. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

We have even more new Goodr styles in store and online! You don’t need to be a runner to appreciate no-slip, no-bounce and totally polarized Goodr sunglasses. Don’t think she’ll love the Runways? Check out the VRGs, Mach G’s, Circle Gs or BFGs! There’s a style the Mom in your life will love.

No flimsy flip flops for Mom! She deserves the support, comfort and style of Teva sandals. They’re great for everything from running around doing errands or taking a spring hike.

This cork bag can be used as a cross-body or a clutch and holds all the everyday essential- money, keys, phone. Mom will be impressed to learn that sustainably stripping cork trees can actually extend the tree’s life by 150 years!

Mom is probably overdue for a new coffee thermos, so here’s a great choice! The 16oz is a perfect size, and the Hydro Flask brand will keep her drink hot for up to 12 hours, and cold for up to 24. No worries if she doesn’t like pink, there lots of other color options to choose from!

Some people just like to shop for themselves, and that’s what gift cards are for! She’ll appreciate the time to shop for something for herself of her choosing. You can’t go wrong with that!

“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”


March 2021

After a very long, cold winter, Spring is finally here! We've been experiencing some warmer weather already, a welcomed change after all that snow.

As challenging as 2020 was, it was a big year for the outdoors. People were hiking, camping, walking, running, and biking more than ever. There seemed to be a renewed sense of appreciation for any outdoor activity that could be done in the open air, at a safe distance from other people. When so much of ordinary life was off-limits, we could turn to the outdoors for some freedom. Check out these interesting stats:

— 8.1 million more Americans went hiking in 2020 compared to ‘19, according to a report from the Outdoor Foundation
— 7.9 million more went camping last year

It's great to see more people getting outside and appreciating what nature has to offer. We should still be mindful of safe social distancing guidelines when outdoors!


Jacobsburg Trail Race

Unfortunately, there is still uncertainty surrounding the timing of State Park restrictions being lifted. Therefore, we’re very sad to announce we won’t be holding the Jacobsburg Trail Race this year. Anyone registered for last year’s race will be refunded. Next year will be a fresh start! We know this is a disappointment, but next year the race will be back better than ever! Thank you all for your patience, support, and understanding. We truly hope we can count on everyone who planned on participating this year to join us in 2022!



We're always grateful to see new reviews on Google and Facebook! Thanks to Paul for this great feedback!

"I needed the right gear fast for winter camping on the AT last weekend and Adam was more than helpful. He worked with me to whittle down what I needed for the best sleeping gear to fit my needs, and what he didn't have in the store he was able to order and receive exactly what I needed in plenty of time for the trip. I had the best camping nights sleep in my life! It was 15 degrees! Thank you Adam and Easton Outdoor Company!"


End of season sale essentials

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or have been to the store lately, you know our 40% Off End of Season Winter Sale is happening now! Every piece of winter apparel, insulated boots, scarves and beanies are on sale, no brand exclusions. That means you can get The North Face, Patagonia, Tentree, Marmot, Royal Robbins and more for the lowest prices out there.

When you buy something from us, we can confidently say it's something you'll own for a while.

Here are a few of the must-have clearance items still available! These items are essential for everyone's closet, and they aren't just for winter- they'll take you into spring and even cooler summer nights.

1. The Vest
Women's Fuego Down Vest by Cotopaxi

2.The Zip Up
Men's Better Sweater 1/4 Zip by Patagonia

3. The Rain Jacket
Men's Precip Eco Jacket by Marmot

4. The Buttonup Shirt
Mens Benson Buttonup Shirt

5. The Hoodie
Men's Half Dome Pullover Hoodie by The North Face

6. The Slipper
Men's Algae-Infused Parker Plaid Slippers by Acorn

7. The Wrap Sweater
Women's Crescent Wrap by The North Face

8. The Slip on boot
Women's Amanda Plush Slip On by Bogs

Stay stylish and dry on those damp spring hikes! The price is unbeatable at $54 on sale. Grab your pair now, they won't last much longer!

These items are essential for everyone's closet, and they aren't just for winter- they'll take you into spring and even cooler summer nights. Hope to see you soon!


February 2021

Spring is just around the corner! We’ve been getting a little taste of it here and there this past week, with a few warmer days. After the harsh and snowy winter we’ve been through, it’s a welcomed change! But, there’s still plenty of chilly mornings and cold nights ahead until we’re finally out of winter for good.

The close of the season is a great time to stock up on winter and fall essentials for next year! Our 2021 Winter End of Season Sale features 25% off coats, jackets, fleece, flannels, sweaters, insulated footwear and boots, as well as accessories like gloves, mittens, scarves, hats and beanies. All of our high-end brands qualify, including Patagonia, The North Face, Marmot, TenTree, Mountain Hardwear, Cotopaxi, Sherpa, Royal Robbins, and Smartwool.

Women's Nyano Pullover by Sherpa | Men's Aconcagua 2 Vest by The North Face

You’ll live in these comfy, stylish fleece pullovers, flannel button downs, long-sleeve tees, sweaters and zip-up hoodies throughout the cool nights of spring and even later in the summer as fall gets closer. Now is the perfect time to pick up a few new things and take advantage of our sale prices!

There’s a few things that set Easton Outdoor apart from our big box store competition. For one, we offer a much more unique selection of styles. Since 2011, we’ve been dedicated to offering the highest quality brands for the best prices possible. Our staff has expert knowledge of all our inventory, apparel and equipment alike. We’ll make sure you understand how to use products appropriately and help you gain confidence to get out there! We’re more than happy to assist you while you shop, so feel free to ask questions!

Pennsylvania has some truly incredible hiking spots. Every season has something different and special to offer. Here’s a couple favorite winter hiking trails!

1 - Keystone State Park in Derry Township
This 1,200 acre State Park is full of gorgeous scenery, including the 78 acre Keystone Lake. The Lakeside Loop Trail is just over 2 miles and ideal for beginners or those just looking for a leisurely stroll.

2 - Ridley Creek State Park in Media
Ridley Creek State Park is made up of 2600 acres of woodlands and features interconnected network of trails, allowing you to create your own adventure. Your hike can be as short or long as you like, and giving you a new experience every time you visit. It’s not far from Philadelphia, making it a fairy quick trip from Easton!

3 - The Pinnacle Trail and Pulpit Rock Loop in Kempton
A beautiful stretch of the Appalachian Trail! It covers about 9 miles and 1300 feet vertically. It’s a challenging hike any time of year, but winter in particular! Best for a bit more experienced hiker.

Women's Amanda Plush Slip On by Bogs | Men's Sauvie Slip On Boot by Bogs

Appropriate attire and footwear is so important! Make sure you’re wearing a properly insulated, comfortable, slip resistant and sturdy boot. Our selection of Bog’s boots for men and women are awesome and a part of our 25% off Winter Sale! Warm, moisture wicking, breathable socks from Darn Tough and Smartwool are another winter hiking must have. Tons of options in-store and online to check out!

"If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn."
- Bernie Siegel MD


January 2021

It’s hard to believe January 2021 is already coming to a close! It seems like we’ve finally entered the coldest days of winter after having a pretty mild start to the season. Stop by and check us out soon - we have some great new products from Buff, Bogs and Goodr!

Buffs have been a hot item, so we restocked with plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. Buffs are multifunctional headwear that have a variety of uses (12 to be exact). The microfiber fabric is breathable, dries quickly, keeps moisture at bay, and is wind and odor resistant.

We’re excited to offer Bogs boots! These boots are 100% waterproof and insulated, so you can feel confident your feet will stay dry and warm. Several styles and colors are available for both men and women, including slip on and bootie styles.

More features include rebound cushioning for extra, lasting comfort, DuraFresh organic bio-technology to fight odor, Max-Wick lining to keep feet extra dry and a nylon shank in the footbed for stability and support.

We brought in even MORE new styles from Goodr! If you’re not familiar with the Goodr brand, they are revolutionary non-slip sunglasses ideal for runners, adventurers and every-day errand doers. In addition to the classic “OG” glasses, they now offer more fashion-focused styles with the new “Circle G” and “The Runways”. Tons of colors and patterns are available in each style, each with it’s own zany name (for example, an orange pair of Circle G’s named “Freshly Baked Man Buns”.)

All glasses are polarized, no bounce, no slip, and block harmful uv rays. They range from $25 to $35 depending on style. Stop by to try on a pair or two!

New items are on the site, but the best selection is in store. If you can, stop down and take some time to peruse what’s new!

"New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours."
- Alex Morritt


December 2020

There’s just 3 shopping days left until Christmas! We put together this last-minute Gift Guide with some of our favorite items that will make perfect presents. Are you on a budget, but still want to give high-quality gifts? All these products are $50 or under!

1. Cork Card Wallet by TenTree $34
Environmentally-concious friends or family members will truly appreciate this gift. We have a few items in this new collection of cork wallets from the TenTree brand. A practical and stylish gift!

2. Striped Liner Gloves by Smartwool $27
Keep the digits warm this winter with these lightweight gloves by Smartwool! Thumb and forefinger are screen-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about removing your gloves to use your phone.

3. Women's Isto Retro Beanie by Smartwool $38
Another great gift idea from Smartwool! We have a few color choices in-store for this retro style beanie. Featuring double layer cable knit for maximum warmth and a pom for maximum fun.

4. Adventure Steel Shots + Flask Gift Set by Stanley $40
Whether they are a camper or not, this gift set from Stanley is a great choice. The set includes Adventure SS Flask 8oz and Adventure SS plus 4 2oz shot glasses.

5. Goodr Glasses $25-$35
Know an avid runner? Goodr non-slip sunglasses will make the perfect present! They’re available in a TON of colors and styles. With names like “Flamingos on a Booze Cruise” and “Pineapple Painkillers”, who would’t love a pair?

6. 22 oz Tumbler by Hydro Flask $29.95
Plenty of colors and sizes to choose from, HyroFlask has been a tried and true favorite for their water bottles, tumblers, growlers and more. This mid-size 22 oz Tumbler is great for anyone who loves hot or cold drinks. TempShield™ insulation keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks piping hot for up to 6 hours.

7. Women's Hiker Micro Crew Cushion by Darn Tough $23
Darn Tough is one of our favorite sock brands for so many reasons! Especially this time of year, it’s so important to take care of your feet and keep them warm. These socks are not only super warm, but they’re durable and pull moisture away from skin - which also makes them ideal for warmer weather.

8. Summit Skillet by JetBoil $44.95
Non-stick, compact. durable, lightweight - everything a backpacker or camper would want in cookware! We have lots of Jet Boil products to choose from in-store and online.

9. SunLight by BioLite $24.95
No batteries to worry about with this solar-powered personal light from BioLite. It’s easy to pack and with a kick-stand set up, it’s ideal for campers or night- hikers. We have lots of solar-powered products from BioLite in store, so be sure to check out the whole selection!

10. Gift Cards from $25
When you truly have no idea what to get someone, a gift card is always a great option! It’s also a nice “add on” gift (think hat + gift card combo!).

The store will be open from 10am to 7pm Tuesday December 22 and Wednesday December 23. Christmas Eve we will be open until 4pm. Normal hours will resume Saturday December 26.

Thank you all for your patronage this year, it’s been challenging for everyone. We’re very lucky and proud to be a part of such a supportive community! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

"Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give."
- Ben Carson


November 2020

Black Friday Sale
It's hard to believe it's already November, and the holidays are just around the corner. Have you started shopping yet?! We have plenty of brand new fall and winter apparel, footwear, hats, gloves, socks and more. New thermoses, coolers, travel mugs and flasks from Stanley are a quick and easy gift idea. Our new Tentree wallets make great presents for anyone on your list, especially those who appreciate sustainably-made products. Helinox portable camping chairs are another great gift idea, for campers and sports enthusiasts alike.

This Black Friday, we'll be running a 20% OFF Sale all day! We're open 10am-8pm, so be sure to stop in and take advantage of a full day of deals.

College Hill Dental Giveaway
College Hill Dental is running a "12 Dyas of Easton" giveaway to support and promote local businesses. Up for grabs are $25 gift cards to 12 different businesses in the city, including one to Easton Outdoor, as well as Skeggy's Axe House, Sweet Girlz Bakery, Porter's Pub and more. Existing patients, new patients and anyone who refers a new patient will also be entered into the raffle. So, if you're looking for a new dentist, it's a great time to make an appointment with College Hill Dental! Follow them on Instagram @collegehilldentalpa to learn more about their practice and the giveaway rules.

Downtown Easton's New Winter Village
The Winter Village in Historic Easton is an exciting new venture this Holiday Season. The Winter Village will be located right in Centre Square and will host many of your favorite retailers! It's a great way to shop safely and ensure proper social distancing. There will also be food huts, an ice skating rink and live entertainment. It's great to see the city coming together with creative ideas to get through these challenging times! We will be participating as a vendor selling hats, gloves, scarves, socks, slippers, Buffs, insulated drinkware, and fleece. We'd love to see everyone come out and get in the Holiday Spirit!

Winter Village Hours:
November 20th - December 31st
Fridays & Saturdays - noon - 8 pm; Sundays - noon - 6 pm
Event Date: Friday, November 27, 2020 - 12:00pm to 8:00pm

Don't forget to bring in your old (but gently used) winter coat to donate! You'll receive 15% off a purchase of a new coat with each donation.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness."
- Helen Keller


October 2020

This month we're officially 9 years old! There's no community we'd could be more proud to be a part of than downtown Easton. To celebrate and thank you for your support, we'll be running a 20% off Anniversary sale all weekend long, October 16th through 18th. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, get 20% off on all non-clearance apparel and merchandise! Currently, our website inventory isn't fully updated, so the best selection will be in-store.

We're excited to bring in new inventory from Tentree, The North Face, Stanley and many more of your favorite brands. We're stocking up with holiday gift-giving in mind- nothing wrong with getting a headstart!

New Stanley Brand coolers, travel mugs, flasks, food jars, stacking pints and more are perfect presents, especially for campers! But, you don't have to be an avid camper to appreciate the French press, or the "Admiral's Mug" (which looks like your own personal coffee pot!). There's also ready to go gift sets that help take the guesswork out of holiday shopping.

From Tentree, we have tons of new products and apparel, like hats, hoodies, button-downs and t-shirts. Plus, new extra cozy socks, wallets, water bottles, mugs and more. As always, Tentree is one of our favorite brands, because it's made from sustainable materials. For every one article of clothing or item you purchase, the company plants ten trees.

Overdue for a new winter coat? Donate your clean, gently worn coat to us to receive 15% off a new one! There's plenty of new jackets, flannels, fleeces, coats and pants for men and women from brands like The North Face and Patagonia. Our Annual Winter Coat Drive takes place all fall and winter long. Your old coat will be donated to local Easton Organizations!

Our 40% off Summer clearance sale is also still going on while supplies last! Along with our 20% off Anniversary Sale, right now is the perfect time to get an early start on your holiday shopping. Our weekend hours are Friday and Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.

Thank you for 9 amazing years!

"Leave the roads; take the trails."
— Pythagoras


September 2020

Helinox is a brand fairly new to Easton Outdoor. We were excited to add it to our inventory just a few months ago.

Helinox is mainly a line of extremely lightweight, compact and comfortable camping chairs. They weigh in at between around 1 and 4 lbs and fold into a nice compact bag. They're also very durable, making them ideal for any and all weather conditions. This also means they are a breeze to clean- just give them a spray down with ahose. The chairs are so easy to fold, pack up, carry, and travel with in general, you'll be taking them with you everywhere.

Helinox camping chairs are equally simple to store as they are to set up. They're compact enough to keep stored in your backpack, car or closet. It frees up plenty of space for everything else you're bringing on your trip, or need to store away.

All this and more is what we love about Helinox, and why we felt so compelled to be able to offer the brand to our customers! We know you're always looking for ways to improve your camping and backpacking experiences. One of these foldable chairs is guaranteed to do just that.

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas! The outdoor enthusiast on your list would be thrilled to receive a Helinox camping chair as a gift this year.

Why is fall the best time of the year for camping?
1. The beautiful autumn foliage makes it the most picturesque season.
2. Cooler days and nights can make camping a lot more pleasant. The weather is also usually more usually more predictable. You're also more likely to get a good night's sleep.
3. Less mosquito & other bugs to swat away.
4. Warm drinks and food are perfect for the cool weather. Make a toasty fire and enjoy!

"I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house."
— Nathaniel Hawthorne


August 2020

We're welcoming the new month by kicking off our Summer Clearance Sale. All summer 2020 men and women's apparel and footwear are now 40% off!

There's still a great selection of shorts, t-shirts, short sleeve button-downs, tank tops, sundresses, flip flops, sandals and more in store and online. We have plenty of warm weeks ahead of us, so whether you're buying for now or next year, you're shopping smart.

FALL 2020
As our summer sale begins, brand new fall apparel has started arriving! We're carrying fall staples from your favorite brands, including The North Face, Patagonia, Tentree and Marmot. Super soft, lightweight hoodies and fleeces are sure to become some of your wardrobe staples this autumn. They're perfect for when warm late summer days turn into cool nights.

Also new are the latest colors and styles from the Daylite Series of Osprey backpacks. The Daylite Series are an uncomplicated, yet awesome collection of lightweight backpacks starting at only $50. They're great on their own, or can be attached to a variety of compatible Osprey backpacks. You can expect a comfortable, durable pack that will last for years to come and is likely to become your go-to for all kinds of travel!

Some styles are available online, but to see our entire collection, we recommend stopping by in person. It's a great way to try on a few styles to make sure you find the right fit.

One of the best things we look forward to each autumn is the fall foliage. There's no better way to take it in than through a hike on one of the Lehigh Valley's numerous trails. Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor has a great map organized by town. Check it out here!

New fall apparel will continue to roll out over the next several weeks. The store is open Tuesday through Thursday, 10am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday 10am to 8pm, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Stop by soon!

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
—Elizabeth Lawrence


July 2020

Spending time outdoors is extremely important for both our mental and physical health. Now more than ever, we need to put extra focus on our mental well-being. Our "normal" way of life has been turned upside down, and stress and anxiety are at an all-time high for many us. Luckily, there's something you can still do, in spite of the pandemic, to help keep your mind and body healthy and keep your stress in check- get outside.

Countless studies show that going outdoors and spending time in nature improves cognitive function, lowers stress, improves creative thinking, and leads to an overall mood boost. It allows us to relax and restore. Almost instantly, being outdoors can have a positive effect on your mental state. So, turn off Netflix, put your phone away, and go outside!

How we can help:

At Easton Outdoor Company, all things outdoor are our specialty. We have many things in-store and online that will help you explore, simply just enjoy, the outdoors more.

ENO hammocks are an awesome way to kick back and relax, whether you're backpacking or just hanging in the backyard. On a budget? Hammocks start at just 49.99 for a SingleNest style, so it's a super affordable option.

Camping & Hiking Gear
Unfortunately, lots of summer vacation plans have been called off or postponed due to current travel restrictions. If you've been considering a family camping trip, now is the time! We're here to help if you need any guidance or advice on how to make it a fun and successful trip. BioLite cooking equipment doubles as solar charging station, which makes it perfect for both novice or expert campers. We also have Big Agnes sleeping bags, portable and lightweight camping chairs from Helinox, and hiking backpacks from Osprey and Deuter. It's a great opportunity to get away with family or friends and connect with nature at the same time.

Goodr Sunglasses
Take your cardio out of the gym and onto the street or trail! A good old fashioned run or brisk walk burns tons of calories and releases those endorphins you need right now. Keep the blazing summer sun out of your eyes with non-slip, polarized Goodr sunglasses! We're offering 10% off with promo code Insta10 all summer long. There are so many fun colors and patterns to choose from. Plus, we have new styles in as well. Grab your mask and head into the store to test a few pairs out!

"Time spent in nature heals your body, mind & spirit"
—Katrina Mayer


June 2020

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 21st! We have tons of great gifts any Dad would love.
Here's our Father's Day Gift Guide to help give you some ideas!

1. Men's Benson Button Up Long Sleeve Shirt by TenTree
Made with breathable, sustainable hemp and organic cotton, this plaid shirt will be great for cooler summer nights and well into the fall season. It's part of our End of Season Sale, so it's 40% off, bringing it down to $50.40. And right now, you'll receive an additional 20% off clearance merchandise at checkout. Score!

We have plenty of great apparel options that would make fantastic gifts, so stop by to see your options!

2.Exos 48 by Osprey
Is dad an avid hiker? A new backpack would make his Father's Day! The Exos 48 by Osprey is a great for both a novice or expert backpacker. It features a "Stop-on-the-go" trekking pole, internal hydration sleeve, stretch mesh external pockets and a lot more to make his hikes comfortable and enjoyable.

We have an amazing selection of backpacks from Osprey, Cotopaxi and Deuter, online and in-store.

3. Men's Kirin Short Sleeve Shirt by Sherpa
Pop love a bold pattern? He'll look suave at all the Summer BBQs in this short sleeve shirt by Sherpa! Sherpa is another amazing brand that features products made with sustainable materials. The naturally antimicrobial, moisture wicking hemp and spandex blend will keep him feeling (and looking) cool.

Sweeten the deal with a new pair of Darn Tough socks, a necessity when it comes to summer sports and activities!4. Men's XA Pro #D by Salomon
For the active Dad, a new pair of sneakers may be in order this Father's Day. This pair by Salomon is a great option whether he's running, playing basketball or taking a family hike. They're durable, comfortable and perfect on all types of terrain.

5. CampStove 2 Bundle by BioLite
We recently started carrying an exciting new line of camping cooking equipment from award-winning brand BioLite. The CampStove 2 bundle allows you to grill, boil, cook AND charge electronics. It's a great gift for any Dad who loves camping, and something the whole family can enjoy together.

6. Gift Certificate
Still struggling with what to get? A gift certificate is always a good idea. We have them available in-store or online! Click Here

We're thrilled to have reopened! Our store hours are:
Tuesday - Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

Please remember to wear a mask inside the store and maintain social distance from other customers. We'll be regularly sanitizing commonly touched surfaces and cleaning the store. Thanks for your patience, support and understanding!

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome Dads out there!

"I'm a father; that's what matters most. Nothing matters more."
—Gordon Brown


May 2020

We’re sad to announce that this year’s Jacobsburg Trail Race has been cancelled. Unfortunately, State Parks will not allow any events larger than 25 people. We also feel it’s the right call for everyone’s safety. All pre-registrants will be given free entry into next year’s race! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience while we sorted this out!

Next year, we'll be back bigger and better than ever!


May 2020

Hard to believe it’s already the end of May! We’d like to again thank everyone for their continued support of Easton Outdoor Company, and our fellow local downtown Easton shops and restaurants. It’s great to see our community come together to #SupportEaston.

From today through Sunday, take advantage of our Memorial Day Weekend Sale! We’re offering 25% off all regularly priced merchandise and even equipment. Stock up on new summer apparel, footwear, camping gear and more. Use promo code Memorial2020 at checkout!

We also have our “Extra 20” Sale going on right now! Our already 40% off clearance items are marked down another 20%. That’s huge savings on fall and winter apparel and footwear! Definitely a great time to load up for next season. Remember, we only sell the best brands, so these are high quality items you’ll have in your wardrobe for years to come. No code is needed for the additional 20%, it will be applied automatically at checkout!

We're excited to announce that Instagram shopping is a go! Shoppable posts include the small white bag symbol. When tapped, the product name and description will pop up. Tapping on that will then take you to a new window, where you can purchase the item. It’s another way we’re making the online shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. As always, feel free to send us a message with any questions about products!

This Memorial Day Weekend, we remember our fallen heroes. The soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. We honor, celebrate and remember them today and always.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them."
—John F. Kennedy


April 2020

Earth Day turns 50
This year is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. The observance was created in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson to bring awareness to environmental issues and drive change.

Even under the unique circumstances we find ourselves in right now, there are still ways to honor this day! If you can, get outside for a while for a walk, run, bike or hike- just keep in mind social distancing guidelines. Gardening is another great way to celebrate Earth Day. Or, further educate yourself by watching Eco-documentaries on Netflix. Click here for a list.

Tentree is one of our favorite brands for a few reasons. For one, their apparel and accessories are made from sustainable materials. It’s stylish and trendy, yet comfortable and functional.

For every piece of apparel or product you buy, TenTree plants 10 trees. So far, your purchases of TenTree products from Easton Outdoor have planted over 4,000 trees! As of today, the company has planted over 42 million trees in total.

Check out our entire stock of TenTree apparel & accessories here!

Downtown Easton Clean-Up Day
This Saturday, April 25th, the Easton Main Street Initiative has planned the “Downtown Easton Clean-Up Day”. Originally, the day was supposed to be the “City-Wide Clean Up Day”, but due to the current situation, they’re now encouraging Easton residents and business owners to clean up outside their homes and establishments, instead. Here are suggestions for how to participate from their Facebook event:

• Spruce up the area in front of your house(s)
• Weed and mulch tree wells
• Sweep along the curb lines
• Pick-up trash
• Clear storm water drain grates
• Plant your window boxes or front porch planters
• Sweep off your front porch
• Wipe down your front door & trim
• Clean your windows
• Hose down siding and shutters
• Clean-up back alleys

Remember to share your photos to Easton Main Street’s Facebook page!

As always, thank you for your support of Easton Outdoor through your online and gift card purchases! We’re still offering hyper-local delivery for those within around 5 miles of the store. We’re in this together- stay safe and hang in there.

"The Earth is what we all have in common."
—Wendell Berry

Help the brand reach their goal of 1 billion trees by 2030! We have hats, hoodies, flannels, dresses, tanks, tees, button-downs and wallets available online right now. Many items are included in our 40% off End of Season Sale, like this Women’s Juniper Hoodie.


March 2020

The last couple of weeks have been an extremely challenging time. We’ve all been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Like you, we’re just taking it one day at a time.

As you know, all local non-essential businesses are currently closed due to the Governor’s order, and will be for the month of April. We’re hopeful that by May, things will be looking brighter and we’ll be able to reopen. We’re anxious to open our doors and see you all again, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

In the meantime, we still have our online shop! We’re regularly monitoring online orders and will be shipping them out as they come in.

Have you checked out our 40% OFF End of Season Sale? It features fall and winter apparel and accessories from brands like Patagonia, Ten Tree, The North Face, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Royal Robbins and more. Now’s the time to snag that winter coat you’ve been eyeing all season for an insanely low price! Like this Men's Down Sweater Jacket by Patagonia for almost $100 off the original price.

Plus, stock up on flannels, jackets, hats and gloves. Even these ‘Men's Big Sky Mid’ insulated waterproof boots by Oboz are on sale for $99 (down from $165.)

But, if you prefer in-store shopping, you can now conveniently buy a gift certificate online that you can save for when we reopen.

Some great news for our Easton neighbors! We’re excited to now offer same day delivery for online orders that are within 5 miles of our store location, 230 Northampton Street in downtown Easton, PA.

The Greater Easton Development Partnership (GEDP) created a new initiative in an effort to help local businesses through the Coronavirus crisis. Check out to see a full list of restaurants and businesses who are still operating. Many are offering Curbside Pick-up or delivery services to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. If you’re able to, show Easton businesses some love and support by buying a meal, making a purchase or posting a review with the hashtag #supporteaston. If we stick together and support each other, we know we can get through this.

Out of an abundance of caution for participants, the Jacobsburg Trail Race has been postponed. The new date will be a Sunday in mid to late June, but it has not been set in stone yet. As soon as it is, we will announce it on our website, as well as our social media pages. Thanks for you patience!

Until we see you again, please stay safe and healthy.


February 2020

Happy Leap year!
Did you know the reason we have Leap days is to make up for the nearly 6 hour discrepancy between how long the Earth takes to rotate around the sun, and our 365-day calendar? If we didn’t, in 100 years our calendar would be off by 24 days.

So, what are you doing with your extra day? How about spending it stocking up on fall and winter apparel?! Find your new favorite jackets, coats, shirts, flannels, fleeces, hats, beanies, gloves and insulated boots. Today, Friday February 28th, kicks off our 40% off Winter Clearance Sale! Is there a winter coat from The North Face or Patagonia jacket you’ve been eyeing all season? Now is the time to snag it for an incredibly low price.

There’s no brand exclusions, so you can get your favorite brands like Patagonia, TenTree, The North Face, Marmot and more for seriously great prices!

*Exclusions: hiking footwear, climbing gear, backpacks, tents, certain gear & accessories

Daylight saving time this year is Sunday March 8th. We’re looking forward to longer, warmer days! The first day of spring is just a few weeks away.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Jacobsburg Trail Race! Pre-registration gets you a free t-shirt. After the 29th of February, registration cost increases to $30. Here’s the Registration Cost timeline:
3/1-3/30: $30
4/1-4/30: $35
Race Day: $40

The race is Sunday, May 3rd, beginning at 9am. All details can be found here.

Are you planning a race of your own? Ask us about our affordable Race Timing Services! We can time your running race with a maximum of 300 participants. Call us at 610.829.1000 to learn more.

To wrap up, we want to say how proud we are to be a part of the Easton retail community. There’s so many amazing stores and boutiques in downtown Easton, like The Loving Piece, Five & Dime Skate Shop, Token, Greene Marketplace, Nature's Way, Mercantile Home and many, many more. It’s amazing to see our city continue to grow. Thank you to all who continue to support us and all the retail shops downtown!

“Happy Leap Day. A day where 'this time last year' and 'this time next year' does not apply.”
- Anonymous


January 2020

Have you registered yet for the 2020 Jacobsburg Trail Race? Register early and save! It’s just $25 if you register by February 29th.

From 3/1-3/30: $30
From 4/1-4/30: $35
Race Day: $40

Race day is Sunday May 3rd, starting at 9am.

This trail race is fun and challenging. Jacobsburg State Park is a beautiful 1,168 acres. There are two options- the 5 or 10 mile race. 5 & 10 Mile Trail Race has technical single track, open fire roads, hills and beautiful scenery. If you’re going for the 10 mile race, you’ll get to experience Henry’s Woods, an old growth forest surrounding Bushkill Creek, in it’s entirety. You’ll see all other areas of the park as well. Taking part in the 5 mile? You’ll run along the Sobers Run & Bushkill Creeks.

Make sure you pre-register before Race Day to get a T-shirt!

Again this year we will be placing gnomes along the trail. If you find a gnome, grab it and cross the finish line with it to receive a prize! There’s also great prizes for overall and age group winners.

For full Event Details, Schedule & Directions, click here.

Ready to register? or


Not into the whole commercial Valentine day thing?
Don’t let the cold scare you from an outdoor adventure! There’s so many ways to spend quality time with your significant other besides dinner and a movie. Plan an overnight camping trip or a hike along one of the many beautiful trails in the area. Wake up early to watch a beautiful sunrise together, or catch a sunset. Think outside the box!

We can help make sure you’re dressed properly for the cold! Stop by to take advantage of our 25% off Fall/Winter Apparel Sale, running until the end of February. All your favorite brands are on sale, like The North Face, Patagonia Marmot, Mountain Hardware, Tentree and more. Stock up on flannels, fleeces, sweaters, coats, jackets, hats & gloves.

*Exclusion: hiking footwear, climbing gear, backpacks, tents, certain gear & accessories.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


December 2019

Raise your hand if you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping...

There’s no shame in being a last minute shopper! We’re all so busy, it’s not easy to find time to get it done. We’re here to help!

Don’t risk online orders not arriving in time for Christmas. We’ve extended our hours so you can still find amazing gifts for all your friends and family. We’ll be opening on Monday, as well as from 10am-4pm on Tuesday, Christmas Eve.

Here’s our holiday wish list of the quickest, easiest, no-fail gift and stocking stuffer ideas:

Arguably the trendiest water bottle this year, and it’s gotten its great reputation for a reason. This insulated water bottle features double wall insulation that keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks for up to 12. Buy it for you friends who hit the trails, the gym, or anyone who is just conscious of staying hydrated!

We have a ton of merchandise that any novice or expert hiker would love to receive. Our Osprey collection features amazing backpacks and all the accessories you could imagine: dry sacks, waterproof pack liners, paddle organizers, compression sacks, packing cube sets, stuff sacks, rain covers, bottle valve, soft flasks and much more.

We have a HUGE selection of men and women’s winter apparel. What makes our clothing great for gift giving, is that it’s high quality. We don’t sell any “fast-fashion” that falls apart after 2 washes. A fleece, flannel, jacket or vest from the brands we carry is an investment piece that will last. We proudly offer The North Face, Patagonia, Ten Tree, Mountain Hardware, Sherpa and many more of your favorite, top quality outdoor brands.

We love hats and gloves as gifts and stocking stuffers because they truly are a sure-bet! We have a ton of brands and styles to choose from, including brands like Marmot, Patagonia, and The North Face. Smartwool is another one of our favorites for beanies, as well as our assortment of baseball caps from Tentree. Tentree is a brand you can really feel good about giving, because for each and every purchase, the company plants ten trees.

These are everybody’s favorite! The most comfortable, breathable sock you can find. They’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in summer (and help repel odor!) Darn Touch socks are available in so many different colors and patterns, the hardest part is choosing which pair! Solution: buy them all!

Don’t worry, you still have this weekend to stock up! That’s plenty of time to wrap things up. We’ll see you soon.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday from our family, to yours!
Easton Outdoor Company



November 2019

Our Annual Winter Coat Drive has begun! We’re now accepting gently worn, clean winter jackets and coats that will be donated to local Easton organizations. The drive will run all winter long. Customers who donate a coat will receive 15% off a new jacket for themselves.

Don’t miss our Black Friday sale! Stop by for 20% OFF all non-clearance items in-store, or shop online for the same deals. We’re also participating in Easton Out Loud’s Candy Cane Hunt that day. Hunt for 1,000 candy canes hidden throughout our store and other awesome Easton retailers like Taylor Made Cosmetics and Five & Dime. Collect as many as you can and return to Centre Square before 9pm where they’ll be counted. The two people with the most candy canes win a prize!

Following Black Friday is Shop Small Saturday. As a local business, this day means a lot to us. We appreciate every one of our customers patronage. When you shop small, you support not just a business, but a family and your entire community as well. We’re giving away coffee mugs from The North Face with all purchases as a thank you! Only while supplies last, so stop in early if you can.

The Annual Peace Candle Lighting ceremony also takes place this Saturday at 6:30pm, but fun events are going on all day from 10am-8pm, so make a day of it!
You can get all the details here!


October 2019

Earlier this month, we celebrated our 8 year anniversary. To all those who support Easton Outdoor Company- thank you!

We’re also featured in the October issue of Lehigh Valley Style, so make sure you grab a copy and check out the article! We talk about what makes Easton Outdoor so different than the big box stores. It was great to discuss our focus on quality, as well as being able to offer expert product knowledge to our customers and making sure we have the latest trends in apparel, footwear and outdoor gear and accessories. Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper, rock climber or not, we’re committed to offering something for everyone.

You can also read the article, ‘Gear Up for Fall at Easton Outdoor Company’ online here!

This Saturday and Sunday is PA Bacon Fest! We’ll be set up outside the store, so stop by to snag some new fall and winter apparel, as well as amazing discounts on our clearance items. We’ll have deals on all your favorite brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Ten Tree, Mountain Hardware, Marmot and more.

One last thing…
Halloween is tomorrow, are you ready? If you’re still scrambling to think of a last minute costume, here’s a few fun outdoorsy-themed ideas!

1. Lumberjack: Grab one of our flannels, add jeans, suspenders and a (fake) ax. Add a beard and some dirt marks on your face, and you’re ready.
2. Lost Hiker: Ripped up clothes, messed up hair, backpack, hiking boots, water bottle, torn map- costume, check!
3. Climbing Rope Gang: Fun, simple idea for a group! Be sure to use only retired harnesses and climbing rope.

PRO TIP: All of these looks can easily be zombie-fied if you’re looking for something spookier!

P.S. Palmer Township has moved trick-or-treat to Friday due to tomorrow’s weather forecast. Hope everyone has a Happy and safe Halloween, and we’ll see you at PA Bacon Fest this weekend!

"Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day."
-Shira Tamir

*Costume ideas curtesy of


September 2019

We’re excited to announce our two new services: Race Timing and Custom Embroidery!

Race Timing
Are you organizing an upcoming race? We now provide a comprehensive, affordable Race Timing service. It has everything you need, including:
• Timing the race
• Timing clock
• Setting up a start/finish banner at the finish line
• Finisher board displaying race participant placings
• Tracking of top finishers and age group winners for award ceremony
• Generating overall race results for race organizer

Feel free to call or stop by the store to get more information and pricing! (610) 829-1000

Custom Embroidery
We also now offer branded embroidery services. From start to finish, Easton Outdoor will handle your order, beginning with your apparel purchase. Choose a fleece, jacket or hat from any of the high-end brands we offer, including The North Face, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, Royal Robbins, Sherpa and more.

Embroidery is perfect for:
• Branded apparel for small companies
• Sports Teams
• Sororities and Schools
• Groups
• Holiday Gifts (never too early to start thinking about this!)

Embroidery is a great way to personalize or brand clothing. We’re able to work with any logo or design! Whether it’s for a team, work, or going to be a gift, our embroidery services are great for plenty of different reasons. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in store, we can always special order the item.

We’re happy to do orders of even just one item. Discounts are available on large orders of 10 or more pieces. This savings will more than offset the cost of the embroidery service.

Please give us a call at (610) 829-1000 for more more details and pricing information about each of these new services.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
- Plato


August 2019

New Fall products have arrived just in time for back to school! Whether you plan on squeezing hikes between classes or not, we’ve got everything you need. While we cater to the outdoor enthusiast, our apparel selection is great for anyone who likes high quality, comfortable, stylish clothing and footwear.

Great new fall apparel items from your favorite brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, Sherpa, Marmot, Royal Robbins, TenTree, Killtec and more have hit our shelves! Stop by the store or shop online to see new fall items & apparel:
• Fleece
• Flannels
• Rainwear
• Backpacks by Osprey & Deuter
• Water bottles by Hydro Flask & Stanley
• Apparel
• Jackets & Coats
• Sneakers & Boots
• Darn Rough socks (more sizes now available)
• Hats & Beanies

We also now offer exciting new products from Hydro Flask:
• 22oz and 32oz Tumblers
• 12oz kids insulated bottles
• 16oz True Pints
• New colors are also available in your old favorites, as well!

Goodr sunglasses have also recently been restocked, including 9 fun new colors and patterns. Check them out here.

Plus, take advantage of our 25% End of Summer Sale! It’s a great time to stock up on tanks, tees, shorts, skirts, dresses, sandals and more for next year. Visit us in downtown Easton or shop the sale online by clicking here.

You know what else is great about Autumn? It’s festival season in Easton! Mark your calendars for these dates:
• Easton Garlic Fest: Saturday, October 5th & Sunday, October 6th
• PA Bacon Fest: Saturday, November 2nd & Sunday November 3rd

Hope to see you in store soon!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald


July 2019

Say goodbye to July, and hello to major savings! Our 25% off Summer Sale kicks off this Friday, August 2nd. Included are all sorts of summer staples for men and women, such as:
• shorts
• tank tops
• hiking pants
• short sleeve button down shirts
• running apparel
• summer outerwear (waterproof rain jackets & waterproof pants)
• hats
• summer footwear (closed toe sandals, strap sandals and flip flops)

Your favorite brands are all on sale! Find steals on Patagonia, The North Face, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Royal Robbins, TenTree, Sherpa, Teva and Northside. Sale prices are good both in-store and online. So if you’ve been holding out on buying new clothes all summer, now is the perfect time to treat yourself!

Photos: Men's Go To Shirt by Patagonia
Here's a light, super comfortable short-sleeved men's button down shirt made with breathable organic cotton and recycled polyester fabric. 2 pattern choices are available online.

Women's Amber Dawn Dress by Patagonia
Stretchy, easy to care for cotton/spandex jersey knit mix dress is great for summer bbqs, picnics or just running around doing errands. Choose from 2 colorful fern patterns: "Petra Pink" or "Tasmanian Teal".

Already got your mind on chillier autumn days? New Fall 2019 products and apparel will begin arriving in store on Thursday, August 15th. Come in to get first dibs on brand new fleece, cozy flannels, rain wear, backpacks, hiking footwear, accessories and much more.

We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you make the best purchase decisions possible. We know our inventory and the brands we carry inside and out. And, If you’re out walking with your furry friend, don’t hesitate to bring them in the store with you - we’re pet friendly! Hope you get to enjoy every bit of summer.

“The outside is the only place we can truly be inside the world.”
― Daniel J. Rice, This Side of Wilderness


May 2019

1. Bug spray & sunscreen
2 basic items you definitely don’t want to forget!

2. Firestarters
Another essential. What’s better that sitting around a nice campfire to end the day? Make sure you have plenty on hand.

3. Cooking pot & utensils
Whether it’s for a few days or a couple of weeks, or you’re a novice or expert camper, you’ll need some cookware! Jet Boil and Stanley are two awesome brands offering pans, pots, utensils and more. Also available on our site are JetBoil’s amazing portable cooking systems, which allow you to cook an unbelievable meals, fast.
**Looking for a super easy, but delicious idea for camping meals? Check out this recipe for ‘Camping Quesadillas’

4. ENO hammock
A hammock is the perfect way to truly relax and enjoy your current surroundings. We have a wide selection of ENO single and DoubleNest hammocks, including the Sub6 Ultralight.

5. Tent
Your tent choice can mean the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep. We offer options from The North Face & Eureka, 2 trusted brands.

6. Sleeping bag
Like your tent, a solid sleeping bag is essential for an restful sleep and enjoyable camping trip. We love the line from Big Agnes and have a huge selection available online.

7. Compass & Map
You’ll want to bring a decent compass on your travels. It doesn’t require any electrical power to work. You shouldn’t rely solely on anything involving electricity. Using your map and compass together isn’t as hard as it may seem.
**This article on why “Why Every Adventurer Should Carry a Compass and Map” is a great read to begin to acquaint yourself.

8. Ready to eat meals
You’ll want a few fast, ready to eat meals on hand, especially if you have hiking plans or other excursions where you’ll be away from the camping site for extended periods of time. We have some good options in store!

9. Water purifier
A water purifier, like the Classic 3 UV Water Purifier by Steripen, uses UV technology to help clean your water. Learn more about this system here.
If you’re not ready to spring for one of these systems, carry iodine tablets- to use in the case of emergencies only!

10. Portable charger
We encourage taking a nice, long break from your phone, but you don’t want to be in a position where there’s an emergency and you’re unable to call for help. A portable charger should definitely be on your list!

“Leave the roads, take the trails.”
- Pythagoras


April 2019

Have you registered yet? Don’t fret, there's still time!

2019 marks the 6th year for the race. It’s always a great time, and we look forward to seeing regular attendees as well as new faces each year! The race takes place Sunday, May 19th at 9:00am, and you are able to register up until the day of the event. Registration is $35 per person until Thursday, May 16th, and afterwards is $40. Those who pre-register will receive a t-shirt that can be picked up at Easton Outdoor Company the day before the race (Sat May 18th) or on race day. They are only available while supplies last, so try not to wait to register!

Gnomes will be placed throughout the trail this year. Collect them to receive a prize! Prizes will be awarded to the following age categories:
• 19 & under
• 20-29
• 30-39
• 40-49
• 50-59
• 60+

Jacobsburg Park is an 1,168-acre State Park near Wind Gap in Northampton County, PA. The beautiful scenery, hills, great variety of trails, biking, fishing, cross-country skiing and more make it one of the most popular outdoor destinations in the Lehigh Valley. Trails range from fairly easy to more challenging tracks for experienced hikers.

All you really need for the race is yourself and a positive attitude, but these Easton Outdoor items will definitely help make it a successful race! Here’s a few products we know you’ll love.

1. Goodr Sunglasses
Non-slip, no bounce, polarized and available in a TON of fun color combinations.

2. Osprey Duro 6
This backpack includes a Hydraulics® LT 1.5L reservoir so you can stay hydrated throughout the race.

3. New Footwear
We carry a huge assortment of footwear online and in store.

Who can participate in the race?
The Jacobsburg Trail Race is kid-friendly! We welcome all ages and fitness levels. It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself! You can choose between either 5 or 10 mile track.

What’s the difference with the trails besides the amount of miles?
Runners of the 5 mile distance will run through the northwest part of the park along the Sobers Run and Bushkill Creeks. Participants in the 10 mile race will also get to experience Henry’s Woods Trail, a mile and a half trail surrounding Bushkill Creek. It’s the last old-growth forest in the Lehigh Valley.

What if it rains?
We hold the race rain or shine, so don’t let a little drizzle scare you away! We’ll see you race day.

How do you get to Jacobsburg Park?
From North: Route 33 South to Belfast Exit, Go Left off of exit, First stop sign go Left, At intersection of Jacobsburg Road go Right, In 0.2 miles stay Left to stay on Belfast Road, Horse Trailer Parking Area will be on the Left after the big bend in the road, 0.1 miles after Keller Road.
From South: Take 33 North to Belfast Exit, Go Right off of exit, Follow the same remaining directions. Plug “Jacobsburg State Park Horse Access Area” into Google Maps for directions.

When will we learn the official results of the race?
Results will be available at in 1-2 days after the race.

Are you following Easton Outdoor Company on Facebook? It’s where we post the latest news & updates on the event and more. For check in times and more, click here. We'll see you on race day!

“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.”
-Edward Abbey


March 2019

Tons of new gear and apparel for the spring season has been flowing into the store. Stock up on favorites from the best brands like Osprey, Deuter, Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and many more. Stop by to check out what’s new! Here’s a few of our favorite items to recently hit the store.


Osprey & Deuter
Among the new spring gear are backpacks from favorite brands Osprey and Deuter. We now carry new arrivals from Deuter’s ‘Futura series’ as well as the ‘Speed Lite series’. The Futura series has been newly redesigned by Deuter to bring together innovation, comfort and style. The Speed Lite series is incredibly lightweight, comfortable and versatile. It’s as perfect for mountain running as it is for running around the city.

As for Osprey, you’ll now find packs from their Rook 65 and Renn 50 collections. These all new Osprey packs are amazing whether you’re a novice or expert. The Renn line was specifically designed to comfortably fit a woman’s body shape. The backpanel suspension is adjustable so you can tailor it to the length of your torso. We’re offering the best prices out there for these ventilated suspension system packs!

Shop Now: Deuter Series | Osprey Renn 50 | Osprey Rook 65


We’re now offering an expanded line of ENO hammocks, including the lightest hammock and suspension strap in ENO's line, the Sub6 hammock (5.8 oz) and Helios suspension strap (5.7 oz). It may be featherlight, but it can still hold up to about 300 lbs of weight. It’s compact and easy to carry and set up- you’ll want to bring it with you everywhere.

Another exciting new addition in store is the ENO Skyloft hammock, which features stabilizing bars. There are great new prints in the Doublenest to check out! Warm weather is on it’s way. What better way to celebrate a successful hike or run than to enjoy some R&R in your new hammock? Discover our online ENO hammocks and accessories here.


Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, Royal Robbins, Sherpa and TenTree.
Tons of new clothing for both men and women has arrived in store and online. New items include t-shirts, tank tops, button downs, sportswear, lightweight jackets, and hoodies, joggers, leggings, shorts, trucker hats and dresses, plus sandals and footwear for spring and summer.

Our 40% off Winter Blowout Sale is still going on! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on winter coats, insulated jackets, hats and gloves, plus boots and more for next year. You can always conveniently shop online, too.

Were you happy with a recent experience you had or purchase you made at Easton Outdoor Company?
Please leave us a review on google!
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Have you signed up for the Jacobsburg Trail Race yet? Learn more and register here.


February 2019

It’s that time again! We’re in the home stretch of winter and spring is just around the corner. It’s also the time of year to start preparing for The Jacobsburg Trail Race!

The 6th Annual Jacobsburg Trail Race will take place Sunday, May 19th at 9:00am. You can choose from either a 5 mile or 10 mile race. Both races will feature a technical single track, hills and all the beauty that Jacobsburg Park has to offer.

Jacobsburg Park is a 1,168-acre State Park located near Wind Gap in Bushkill Township. It's made up of 18.5 miles of hiking, as well as fishing, biking, cross-country skiing and more.

Participants in the 10 mile race will also get to experience Henry’s Woods Trail. Henry’s Woods is about 1.6 miles of trail that surrounds Bushkill Creek and is the last old-growth forest in the Lehigh Valley.

While you run, be on the lookout for gnomes! Collect any gnome you find throughout the trails to receive a prize. Prizes will also be awarded to all age group winners in the following categories:
• 19 & under
• 20-29
• 30-39
• 40-49
• 50-59
• 60+

Registration is $35 until May 16th. Pre-register to receive your t-shirt, which can be picked up at Easton Outdoor Company on Saturday, May 18th from 12pm-7pm, or at the registration table on race day. You may register after the 16th and up until the event for $40, however t-shirts are only available while supplies last. The event will be help rain or shine, but fingers crossed for a beautiful day!

Register, get directions, check in times and all the rest of the details you need HERE.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest news & updates on the event!

"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement."
-Matt Biondi


January 2019

This week, we'll be seeing temps down in the teens again. Keep your head warm and cozy with some of our favorite beanies and hats from Smartwool!

Why do we love the Smartwool brand? It’s ideal for those who want form and function. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, camping or just running errands on a cold day, you want impeccable fit, quality and comfort along with great style. Smartwool offers the best of both worlds. Here's a few of our favorites that are currently available online.

Women's Ski Town Hat
Like the Isto Retro Beanie, but a single knit construction with a roll cuff. Chunky knit design and a fun pom tops it off. Several colors available online!

Merino 250 Cuffed Beanie
Roll cuff adds warmth over the ears where you want it most. Great for milder winter days or even heading into the first chilly days of Spring. These beanies are well insulated and keep moisture at bay, so they are great for running and other outdoor activities.

Merino 250 Reversible Pattern Cuffed Beanie
This version of the Merino 250 features a reversible pattern, so you can switch up your look! Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, running and more.

Men’s Murphy’s Point Hat
Like the rest of the Smartwool line of hat, it holds it shape & holds in the warmth.

They also makes amazing gloves, socks, neck gaiters and headbands, so click here to see your online options, or visit us in downtown Easton to see what’s currently available in store.

Believe it or not, our ‘End of Winter’ Clearance Sale is right around the corner! Starting February 1st, all winter apparel and gear will be marked down an incredible 25%! Be sure to visit our online store for the best deals yet this season. Some exclusions apply, so stop by the store for all the details or call with any questions.


December 2018

There’s still time to find the perfect gift! We even extended our store hours to make it that much easier to finish up your last minute shopping. Easton Outdoor Company will be open Monday, December 17th until 7pm, and Christmas Eve (Monday December 24th) 10am-5pm. Here's a few more of our favorite products under $50, and make sure you check out our last post while you're at it.

New Stanley Products
Coolers, camping cook sets and flasks, plus Vacuum mugs, steins, insulated bottles, gift sets and more! And there’s plenty to choose from under $50. Available both in-store and online.

Goodr Sunglasses - $25
Shown here in Flamingos on a Booze Cruise (hot pink) and Whiskey Shots with Satan (black), Goodr Sunglasses are an ideal gift for runners, hikers and more. No slipping or bouncing, and total eye protection with polarized lenses. They’re known for being comfortable, functional and stylish.

There just one more full week of shopping left, so don’t wait! See you soon.

5 UNDER $50

December 2018

1. 24 oz Standard Mouth Insulated Water Bottle by Hydro Flask - $ 34.95
One of our favorite insulated water bottles! Available in 6 colors, including pacific, graphite and lava. Keeps your cold beverage cold for up to 24 hours, and hot beverages hot up to 12 hours.Great for yogis, hikers, campers or any athletes.

2. Cozy Chunky Beanie by The North Face - $ 28.00
Whether you’re tailgating or camping, this fun and functional chunky-knit beanie from The North Face will be her new go-to. Available in Botanical Garden Green (an emerald green ) and Wild Oat Heather (an off-white) and topped with a multi-color pom.

3. Men's Argyle Crew Light Cushion by Darn Tough - $ 21.00
These Darn Tough socks in stylish argyle are ‘performance fit’, meaning no slipping, bunching or blisters. They’re comfortable and durable, lock out moisture, and help keep feet cool in summer and warn in winter. They’re available in many other patterns, as well - click here to see more.

4. Ultralight Raincover by Osprey - $ 30.00
In size Medium, it's the perfect present for any outdoor adventurer on your list! Osprey’s ‘Ultralight Raincover’ fits 50 - 75 liter packs, packs it own carrying case, and features a full wrap around cinch with secure hip belt and harness attachment.

5. mtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit by Big Agnes - $ 39.95
The mtnGLO™ Tent Light Accessory Kit makes a great gift for the camper on your list. They’ll be able to light up their tent or campsite with this 100"/254cm long strand of LED lights incased in lightweight nylon tubing. The patent-pending technology uses LED lights to softly brighten up the area. It can be powered by 3 AAA batteries or any USB source.

These are just a few of our favorites! Check out our full list of amazing holiday gifts under $50.



November 2018

Curious to learn more about how Easton Outdoor Company came to be? Check out our Q and A with owner and founder Adam Fairchild.

How did you decide to start this kind of a business?
I love hiking, camping, skiing, mountain biking and exploring the outdoors. Before I opened Easton Outdoor Company I worked at the corporate headquarters of The North Face as a demand planner and Manager of Forecasting. Working in the outdoor industry exposed me to a lot of outdoor apparel and gear so I became really familiar with the products I sell. I really understand the gear, not just from using it, but how it's designed, developed and constructed. I also understand quality and how important it is to rely on the products we use. If a product fails while your hiking, camping, running or in the back country, that really adversely affects your overall experience. That's why it's so important to me to offer products that have a high degree of quality of design and construction.

When did you open Easton Outdoor Company?
We opened October 11, 2011 so we've been open for 7 years. In my infinite wisdom I opened a retail store during one of the worst recessions in our country's history. The first few years were pretty rough. We finally starting seeing some growth in our fourth year. We're now experiencing the kind of growth I need to see to keep this thing going so I'm confident we'll be here for the long term.

What made you choose Easton as the location?
I was born and raised in Easton on College Hill. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in. It was important to me to be the change I wanted to see so I was set on opening my store in downtown Easton. I was seeing some really positive things happening in Easton and I wanted to be a part of that wave of change. Easton, as it does today, had a lot of good restaurants, but it lacked good retail. People came to eat, but had few reasons to walk around and explore the city. I'm so happy now to see a diverse retail environment with retailers like 2nd Base Vintage, Lille Sister, Mercantile Home, Bloomie's Flower Shop, Twice Chic Boutique, Polliwogs and Petunias, Christina's Bridals, The Loving Piece, Just Around the Corner and Book & Puppet Co. doing well in Easton. Let's not forget the retailers that have weathered the storm in Easton over many decades like Genesis Bicycles, The London Shop, Nature's Way Market, Aura Ceramics and Monarch Furniture Store to name a few. Add in the various art galleries and antique and collectible shops and we have a really nice mix of retail shopping in downtown Easton!

How do you choose what kind of products to carry?
I originally started with a different product offering. When I opened I carried ski and snowboard outerwear, yoga apparel, water apparel and youth apparel in addition to the products I currently provide. Over time my customers dictated what they want to buy from our store. So ski and snowboard outerwear, yoga apparel, water apparel and youth apparel have been cut from our offering. We added climbing gear based upon customer feedback as well. The change was really positive because it allowed us to narrow our focus and really provide a comprehensive assortment for hiking, camping, climbing, running and casual activities. Our customers have also dictated what price points are appropriate for our market which has provided further focus to our categories. As an independent, outdoor retailer I really wanted to strike a balance between technical products and everyday lifestyle products. I'm really happy with our offering and feel we have a nice equilibrium between those two worlds. In addition, we bring in new brands on a fairly regular basis. This allows us to provide some freshness to our product offering and hopefully attract new customers that love those brands. Some of our new brands include Mountain Hardwear, Sherpa and TenTree.

What's your personal favorite outdoor activity?
I love skiing and recently reacquainted myself with mountain biking. I realize the irony considering my store doesn't offer anything in the way of skiing or mountain biking. I also enjoy hiking and camping and am looking forward to getting back into that world now that my twins are 3. By next summer they will be four and we'll be hitting the trails and making s'mores around the camp fire.

What kind of community events do you participate in?
We organize our own 5 and 10 mile trail race at Jacobsburg State Park each year. We participate in Easton Out Loud on the fourth Friday of each month. We volunteered to help plan and execute the first Karl Stirner Arts Trail 5K Artful Dash. I also sit on the board for GEDP (Greater Easton Development Partnership) which is the parent organization of Easton Mainstreet Initiative, the Farmer's Market, the Public Market, the Ambassadors and PA Bacon Fest.


October 2018

This weekend downtown Easton hosts the annual ‘PA Bacon Fest’! Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th, will be filled with food, drinks, music, activities, cooking demos, tastings and more. It’s the biggest food festival of the year and attracts upwards of 75,000 visitors from all over the country.

Here’s our survival guide to guarantee a great time!

1. What to Wear
First things first, you want to make sure you’re prepared for the chilly fall weather. The forecast is showing a sunny, 56 degrees for both days of the festival weekend. Visit us to stock up on hoodies from The North Face, sweaters from Patagonia, fleeces and outerwear from Mountain Hardware, Sherpa jackets and more. Mountain Hardware and Sherpa apparel are both new in store!

2. What to Eat & Drink
There are an near infinite number of choices at Bacon Fest. It’s hard to know where to begin! Certain tents are can’t miss for us. Porter’s Pub will have new bacon dishes this year, and Sweet Girlz Bakery has a first-time surprise treat, just for Bacon Fest. Two Rivers Brewing Co. will have a smoked bacon, beer and cheese soup that’s delicious. These are just a few of our favorites- there are over 100 vendors, so try something new, too!

3. What to Drink
Bacon Bloody Mary’s from 3rd & Ferry Fish Market have become a PA Bacon Fest staple. We’ll definitely stop by the Maxim’s 22 tent for their bacon beer or a hot spiked bacon cider. Non alcoholic options are out there too, like bacon infused lemonade and sweet tea.

4. Where to Park
These parking instruction are straight from the PA Bacon Fest website:
-Shuttle Locations are at Braden Airpark at 3800 Sullivan Trail in Easton as well as The Northampton County Courthouse, located at 669 Washington Street in Easton.
-Parking Garages are located at Pine Street and the ‘New’ South 3rd Street Parking Garage, both with a $10 flat fee for the day.
But, if we were you, we’d bike over-or use Uber or Lyft.

5. For the Kids
The Piggie Moon Bounce is always a hit with the kiddos. For just $3, it’s a bargain that’ll keep them entertained! Both days will hold ‘pig and wiener dog racing events’ at 11 a.m., noon and 1, 4 and 5 p.m.

There is SO much going on at Bacon Fest! You can check out to learn more. Better yet, just show up and get ready to have fun and eat A LOT OF BACON! Make sure you stop by Easton Outdoor Company while you’re there for a sweet sticker to show you survived PA Bacon Fest 2018. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive coupon to use for your holiday shopping. See you Saturday!

Bacon’s the best. Even the frying of bacon sounds like applause.
-Jim Gaffigan


October 2018

We’re excited to announce the addition of the brand Mountain Hardware, and a new collection of jackets from Sherpa.

Our Sherpa jackets and coats are here just in time for fall. A variety of styles and colors are available in store. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but Sherpa is a brand you can feel great about purchasing from. They do amazing things worldwide, including helping women in Nepal get jobs, and funding children’s education with their ‘Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund’. For every product sold worldwide, a portion is donated to grant scholarships and helps provide resources.

Mountain Hardware is another fantastic brand we’re offering! The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of outdoor activity and fun. Stop by and see the new apparel that’ll keep you warm all fall and winter long. The brand was founded by true outdoor adventurists who were passionate about creating high quality garments and gear for anyone with an appreciate for the outdoors. This apparel will protect you from the hasher elements of the seasons, help your body regulate it’s temperature and keep moisture out.

Stay tuned, new Sherpa jackets and Mountain Hardware will be available for purchase online soon!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
-L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


September 2018

The Lehigh Valley and surrounding area offers some fantastic hiking trails. Check out our list of personal favorites and start planning your hike! Visit us at Easton Outdoor to get all the apparel, gear and accessories you'll need.

Jacobsburg State Park- Nazareth PA
Jacobsburg is just a short drive to Nazareth and offers 19 miles of trails. There's over 1,000 acres of woodlands, streams, and fields. The Green Blazed Sobers Run loop trail runs right along Bushkill Creek. Hikers, trail runners, all-terrain bikers, horseback riders and even cross-country skiers are all welcome to take on these trails!
Learn More

Trexler Nature Preserve- Schecksville PA
Trexler Nature Preserve is another favorite of ours. The 9 mile loop is a great option, but all trails offer absolutely amazing, scenic views. If you're looking for hill training, the trails here are ideal for you.
Learn More

Lake Nockamixon- Bucks County, PA
The hiking trails in the park take you through forests, fields, and the edge of beautiful Lake Nockamixon. There are several trails to choose from based on your experience. Some are open just to hikers and bikers, others allow horseback riding. Check out their website for more details on that, but here's a quick summary:

STERNER MILL HIKING AREA 1.8 miles- more difficult hiking
OLD HAYCOCK ROAD- 1.3 miles, easiest hiking
SOUTHSIDE OF THE LAKE TRAILS- 13.5 miles, easiest hiking
Elephant - 4.6 miles
Church - 5.1 miles
Mink - 3.8 miles
HIGH BRIDGE TRAIL- 1.2 miles, more difficult hiking
QUARRY TRAIL- 2.65 miles, more difficult hiking
OLD MILL TRAIL- 5.6 miles, more difficult hiking
OTHER TRAILS- A paved 2 mile bike trail can also be hiked, as well as the 10 miles of mountain biking trails.
Learn More

Merrill Creek Reservoir - Washington NJ
Not far from the Lehigh Valley in Washington, NJ, Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 290-acre preserve featuring trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. There's a handful of trails to hike, ranging from just about half a mile to 5.5 miles.
Handy Trail Map | Learn More

Round Valley Reservoir- Lebanon, NJ
There are three marked trails at Round Valley: the Cushetunk Trail, the Pine Tree Trail and the Family Hiking & Biking Trail.
• Cushetunk trail- more difficult hiking. rugged surface, rocky and steep in places which makes it more suitable for experienced hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.
• The Pine Tree Trail- easier hiking; a good one to bring the kids along, as it's just about a 1 mile loop.
• The Family Hiking and Biking Trail- easier hiking; a short loop just about half a mile.
• There's also a 4th unmarked water trail that's less than 2 miles. 1 1/2 miles, accessible from the campers boat launch area.
Nifty Park Map | Learn More

Appalachian Trail (Delaware Water Gap and East)
Of the 2,174 total miles of Appalachian National Scenic Trail, 28 miles are within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Hiking these trails provides gorgeous views and an opportunity to check out some amazing wildlife.
View Map | Learn More

Of course, there's a lot of other great hiking spots in our area, too! If we missed one our your favorites, stop by the store and let us know.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.”


September 2018

There's so much going on in downtown Easton this weekend! Saturday, September 15th is Lafayette Day, Chile Pepper Day at the Easton Farmer's Market, and Riverside Festival of the Arts.

Chile Pepper Day is one of our favorite days at the farmer's market. Vendors offer fun, unique sweet and hot peppers to try out. If you're feeling especially brave, enter the famous “10 Deadly Peppers” hot pepper eating contest.

The Riverside Festival of the Arts is both Saturday & Sunday. It's another fantastic event where you can discover amazing local artists and hear live music, as well as open mic, workshops and a lot more.

Lafayette Day 2018 is Saturday as well, running from 11am-3pm. It's a great event for new Lafayette students, faculty and staff families to enjoy some free grub, live music, contests, art and more.

The forecast is showing nearly perfect early-fall weather, making it ideal for walking around the market and stopping by a few of Easton's awesome shops and restaurants. Of course, don't forget to visit Easton Outdoor Company while you're downtown. Fall apparel and products are beginning to fill up the store! New fleece styles, flannels, hoodies, t-shirts, pants and hats are available now. It's the stuff you'll be living in all autumn and winter long.

Even better, our annual End of Summer Clearance Sale. Tons of your favorite styles and brands are 40% off right now!

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
-Anthony J. D'Angelo


August 2018

It's never easy to watch another summer come to an end. One great thing is it means major savings for you at Easton Outdoor Company! Our annual End of Summer Sale is going on right now. Stock up on summer apparel, outerwear, hats, Buff headwear and sandals for next year. Plus, beautiful Autumn days are still to come. You'll have plenty of chances to wear your new duds before winter!

Ladies can save big on Patagonia sundresses, skirts and tees all marked down 40%. More apparel brands included in the Summer 2018 Clearance include Royal Robbins, Sherpa, The North Face, Kid's Killtec, Teva, Northside and Buff and more. Teva ‘Flip' sandals are on sale for $21, and NorthSide ‘Savannah Sandals' are down to $29.97! Shop tons of Men's button-down shirts, polos, shorts, pants and more are all at their lowest prices of the year. This sale is HUGE, so make sure to visit the store in downtown Easton or check out what's available online before it's gone.

New fall products are also on their way, so it's a great time to stop by the store. Stop by to find the stuff you'll be living in all fall! Browse new items from your favorite, top quality outdoor brands, including Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, Marmot, Royal Robbins, Sherpa, Ten Tree. Fleece, hoodies, flannel, tees, pants and hats are starting to roll in. Come October, winter insulated outerwear and winter hats, gloves and accessories will start to arrive. Stay tuned for more info on that and more new winter products, coming soon!

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.”


August 2018

It can be challenging to find sunglasses that won't budge during an intense run. When you do, they're usually quite expensive. That's exactly why we love Goodr brand sunglasses. They're both affordable and effective. Plus, they're stylish! You can find a rainbow of color choices right here at Easton Outdoor Company. For only $25, they're priced right, too.

What makes Goodr sunglasses ideal for running, climbing and other outdoor activity?
Typical sunglasses quickly fall down your face if you're doing anything more than walking, while forgoing sunglasses altogether exposes eyes to damaging sun rays. Goodr are polarized with UV 400 for great sun protection. You can jog, sprint, climb and hike outdoors to your heart's content without having to worry. They conform comfortably and won't slip or bounce, which can make a huge difference in the success of your run. You won't want to think about fixing your sunglasses when you have a time to beat.

And with names like these, what's not to love?
Flamingos on a Booze Cruise (pink with blue lens)
Iced by Yetis (white with blue lens)
Donkey Goggles (orange with blue lens)
Sunbathing with Wizards (blue with gold lens)
Swedish Meatball Hangover (yellow with blue lens)
Whisky Shots with Satan (black with amber lens)

We only sell products we truly believe it and would use ourselves. Stop by the store to pick up your pair of Goodr running sunglasses today! Or, click here to see what's currently available to purchase online. We offer free shipping on orders over $75, so order a pair for a friend and shop around website for more great deals on outdoor apparel and gear!

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”
-Helen Keller


July 2018

Since 2011, Easton Outdoor Company has been providing high-end outdoor apparel, footwear, camping and hiking gear to the Lehigh Valley and beyond. We've been proud to be a part of the downtown Easton business community and to see it's growth over the last several years. Easton Outdoor Company is passionate about spreading the joys of an active lifestyle and exploring the world around us.

Whether you've been a life-long outdoor enthusiast, or you're a novice hiker, camper, or trail runner, Easton Outdoor has everything you need to get going! Stop by to get expert recommendations for your next climbing, biking, hiking or camping adventure. We can point you in the right direction for boots, equipment and accessories that will help make it a success. We offer favorite outdoor brands such as The North Face, Patagonia, Osprey, Salomon, Marmot and much more.

Have questions? Visit us and we're happy to help in any way we can. Our store hours are Tuesday - Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sundays 11am-5pm. We're always open here online, so you can shop whenever it's convenient for you. Plus, we offer free in-store pickup if you don't want to wait for shipping.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our favorite in-store and online items, informative product reviews, our favorite camping spots and hiking trails in the area, tips and more. We'll also give you a heads up for any upcoming events we have in the works!

Until next time!

“May your time in nature lead you to yourself”

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