New Brand in Stock Now - Toad & Co.

Here at Easton Outdoor Company, we're also looking for the best brands for our customers. Of course we carry apparel from The Northface, Osprey and Patagonia - the big established brands. But we're excited to announce we stock apparel from Toad & Co.

Toad & Co. started in 1995 with a store in downtown Telluride. They were an up and coming apparel company  with a purpose. In 1997 they partnered with Search Inc. to found a logistics warehouse called Planet Access Company. The goal was to provide jobs to disabled adults. Toad and Co. provided scraps from the production of their apparel and Planet Access Company would make pillowcases. Toad & Co. was way ahead of the curve - integrating sustainability and a social mission into their business operations.

As the company grew they focused on sustainability. The apparel industry, believe it or not, is in the top five industries that pollute the planet. So they made part of their core mission to minimize their environmental impact and contribute to making the apparel industry a more sustainable one.

All of Toad & Co. apparel is made of 100% sustainably sourced materials. No exceptions. This includes organic cotton and hemp! For example normal cotton is often grown with GMO seeds uses a huge amount of pesticides. So they use organic cotton. All they used recycled fabrics and all of their goods are vegan.

They also have focused on their packaging. Packaging can create an excess amount of waste. So they created a reusable mailer to ship their goods! After you get your order, you can put the return label and send it back - all free of charge! And they are committed to removing plastic from all their packaging by 2026. For Toad & Co - its all about responsible packaging.

Lets not leave out the main attraction - the apparel! Their thoughtfully designed apparel is both stylish, durable and functional! Browse our selection of Toad & Co. Jackets, Vests and more!

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