Sunglasses are a great way to both look cool and protect your eyes. There are more options for sunglasses than ever before. The market has expanded to include every type of look and style. In addition, some sunglasses are better equipped than others.

Most sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays. But, Have you heard of polarized lenses? They have a built in laminated filter. This filer blocks the intense sun rays. It also reduces the effects of glare and reflection. This makes for clearer vision, especially during hours of bright light. In addition polarized lenses increase the contrast of what you see, keeping colors true to form. And of course it leads to reduced eyestrain. They also reduced UVA and UVB rays. UV rays can damage the eyes and can lead to cataracts. "Blue light" in the solar spectrum can possibly cause macular degeneration. Be sure to consult with your eye doctor for the all the details about how the sun's rays effect the eyes.

What is the differene between UVA rays and UVB rays? UVA has a much longer wavelength, while UVB is shorter. 95% of the suns rays are UVA. Too much can cause sunburn, wrinkles and worse. UVB makes up 5% of the suns rays. One of the big differences is that UVA can penetrate windows and clouds.

Having a good pair of sunglasses will make for a more enjoyable summer! They're essential when driving on a sunny day. And of course they come in handy when on the beach. Pro tip: Get a lanyard for your sunglasses when you're on the beach. From breaking the waves to volleyball, there are plenty of opportunities to lose your sunglasses. And if they come off in the ocean, no way you're finding them.

On that note, there are some things to consider when buying a pair of sunglasses. Look for a no slip grip coating. This will help keep your sunglasses in place, and you looking good, in hot conditions when you're sweating. Also look for a sturdy pair that won't bounce when you're active.

At Easton Outdoor Company, we carry a wide assortment of sunglasses. We have something for everyone. From basic to super stylish. One of our most popular brands is Goodr. We also carry Rheos. They have nylon optics that are as clear as glass, they’re lightweight and they float. They come in many frame styles and sizes and all retail for $55.

So now you have no excuse not to look cool! Swing into Easton Outdoor Company today to try on a few pairs. Stay cool...

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