30% OFF Patagonia and The North Face select styles through December

As you finish up your Christmas shopping make sure to stop by Easton Outdoor Company in Downtown Easton, just off the circle and save on Patagonia and The North Face select styles. We are fully stocked with quality apparel from both brands.
The North Face
Since 1966 The North Face has brought quality apparel to the market. They started with a small shop in San Francisco and have grown to a dominant global brand. We carry caps, hats, flannels, gloves, boots, hiking shoes, hoodies, jackets, pants, running shoes, scarves, shirts, sweatpants, slippers, waterproof jackets, waterproof pants and more! We truly have something for everyone.

The North Face pays close attention to both quality and functionality. Over the years they have refined their products to be the very best!

This company was also formed in California. In 1973 they started out and never looked back. They now operate in ten different countries around the globe. Not only do they make quality and stylish products, they are heavily involved in efforts to save the planet.

Since 1985 they have donated 1% of their profits to the restoration and preservation of the natural environment. They have donated over $140 million to projects around the globe. They also have a program called "Worn Wear"  – you can trade in and buy used Patagonia gear.

We carry caps, dresses, flannels, fleece jackets, headbands, hoodies, jackets, pants, long sleeve crews, shorts, vests, winter caps and more! They have a keen eye for style with both conservative and more wild designs.

You can browse our inventory online to get ideas. We'll be open all week and on Christmas Eve until 3pm.

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