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Get a more stable sitting experience with this set of ball feet made from Vibram® rubber. 45mm is compatible with Chair One, Chair Two, Chair One Mini, Speed Stool, and Chair Zero.


  • Enhanced stability. Attaches to the feet of your Helinox chair. Ensures a good grip as well as heightened stability on uneven ground like grass, dirt, rock, wood, or hard sand. 

45mm: 1.75’’ in diameter and weighs 2 oz each.

  • Performance material. Vibram® natural rubber is renowned for providing an ultra-strong grip on smooth surfaces.
  • Compact and portable. 

45mm: Four feet pack into a 9.5’’ x 4.5’’ cinch bag. Weighs 9 oz when packed.

  • Compatible chairs.

45mm: Chair One, Chair One L, Chair Two, Chair One Mini, Speed Stool, and Chair Zero.

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